像美人鱼一样游泳Swimming like a mermaid

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Welcome to 6 Minute English, the programme where we explore an interesting topic and bring you some useful items vocabulary.I’m Rob.
And I’m Neil.
Now Neil, I know you’re a keen swimmer.
I am. I try to get to the pool once a week and do a few lengths, yes.
That’s good to hear, because swimming is one of the best sports for keeping fit. It’s an aerobic exercise. Aerobic means a very active type of exercise that makes your heart and lungs stronger. The opposite of this is anaerobic. And for my question today Neil, I wonder if you know which of these activities is an example of anaerobic exercise?a) weightlifting b) kickboxing or c) dancing?
很高兴听你这样说,因为游泳是保持健康的最佳运动之一。游泳是一种有氧运动。有氧运动是指增强心肺功能的一种有效锻炼方式。它的的反义词是无氧的。尼尔,今天我的问题是你是否知道这些运动中哪个是无氧运动?a)举重 b)跆拳道 还是c)跳舞?
I don’t have a clue but I’ll pick my favourite sport – a) weightlifting.
Wow! Is that really your favourite sport? Right. Anyway, we’ll find out the answer at the end of the programme.
So what about you Rob? Do you visit the swimming pool very often?
Only to use the cafe! I don’t like anything aquatic. I mean connected to water. I just don’t like getting wet. And swimming up and down a pool is just boring!
Well, there are alternatives to plain swimming. There’s synchronised swimming.
Synchronised, that’s moving together at the same time or speed as someone else.Like dancing in water I suppose.Hmm, I’m not a good dancer either.
How about the new craze of ’mermaiding’, which is making a splash at the moment, in other words becoming very popular. The idea originated in America but is now popular in the UK and Europe.
OK. Tell me more!
Let’s hear from an expert – Emma Longden, who’s founder of Fin2Fit, which runs classes, teaching the skills of swimming safely like a mermaid.
Mermaiding is putting a monofin on your feet, putting a beautiful tail on and getting in the water and swimming like a mermaid.
美人鱼泳是穿上尾鳍, 穿上漂亮的鱼尾下水,像美人鱼一样游泳。
OK, so I would need to wear a monofin. The prefix ’mono’ means ’only one or single’ . So a single fin, that’s like a mermaid’s tail. Then I just get in the water and swim around like a mermaid. I’m not so sure about that Neil. I don’t really know how mermaids swim!
好吧,所以我需要穿上尾鳍。前缀 'mono' 是指只有一个或单个。拼搏在线_[官网首页]所以单鳍,就像是美人鱼的尾巴。然后下水像美人鱼一样游来游去。我不确定我会那样做,尼尔。我真不知道美人鱼怎么游泳。
There’s more to it than that Rob. It’s actually good for your fitness as Emma can explain.
It gives children’s confidence in water a boost.It improves their water strength.It gives you an entire body workout. It works your cardiovascular system, it works your legs, your core. It improves the children’s swimming technique, flexibility, balance, co-ordination. You get the reward, you get the social aspect. And alongside all of that, they’re learning vital life skills along the way.
So there are many benefits to mermaiding, Rob. Improving confidence, strength, technique. And it’s good for your cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular relates to your heart and blood vessels.
Well, I like the sound of the social aspect.And by that Emma means being with other people and having fun. It’s an activity that’s sociable.And it teaches life skills, useful skills that help you deal with everyday challenges. Well, that’s great for kids and that’s the problem.
What’s that?
Mermaiding is for kids. So I can’t get involved even if I wanted to.Can I?
You can, Rob. According to Emma, it’s growing in popularity with adults too. Any excuse to live out your fantasies hey!
There are so many adults that actually kind of want to live out their childhood dreams that they wanted to be a mermaid when they were children.And they didn’t get the opportunity.And now it’s here and now it’s available.So yes, we do a lot of adult classes as well.
There you go, Rob. Living out your childhood dreams that doing things you wanted to do when you were a child. Like being a mermaid!
Sorry Neil, that wasn’t a dream for me, although I did dream of swimming like a shark once! Anyway, mermaiding is a good form of aerobic exercise. But earlier I asked you what an example of anaerobic exercise is. Is it… a) weightlifting b) kickboxing or c) dancing?
抱歉尼尔,那不是我儿时的梦想,尽管我曾经确实想要像鲨鱼一样游泳。总之,美人鱼泳是有氧运动一种好方式。早些时候我问你什么是无氧运动的例子。是a)举重 b)跆拳道 还是c)跳舞?
I said weightlifting. Was I right?
You were Neil, well done. Any exercise that consists of short exertion, high-intensity movement is an anaerobic exercise, such as weight lifting, sprinting and jumping. I won’t go into scientific detail.But aerobics exercise is done over a longer period of time and strengthens the heart and lungs, thereby improving the body’s utilisation of oxygen.
Thanks for that Rob. Now I think we should sprint through our recap of some of the words we’ve talked about today, starting with ’aerobic’, which you just explained. "Mermaiding is a good aerobic workout."
谢谢你提到的那些,罗伯。我认为现在我们应该快速浏览一下今天谈到的单词,从你刚刚解释过的 'aerobic'开始。美人鱼泳是一种不错的有氧锻炼。
Assuming you don’t mind dressing up of course! Next we had ’aquatic’, which refers to something connected with water. Synchronised swimming is an example of an aquatic sport."
Ah, you slipped in another of our words there – ’synchronised’, which means ’moving together at the same time or speed as someone or something else’. "We synchronised our watches so that we all arrived at the same time."
Good idea, you’re always late, Neil. Then we mentioned ’mono’, which means ’one’ or ’single’ and is used as a prefix on words,such as ’monochrome’ – one colour, or ’monorail’ – a train running on a single track.
好主意,你总是迟到,尼尔。然后我们提到了 'mono',指的是一个或者单个,用作一些单词的前缀,例如monochrome-单色,或者monorail-单轨列车。
Then we heard the word ’cardiovascular’, a word that relates to the effect on your heart and lungs. "Experts say those who quit smoking could also quickly reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease."
Finally, we also mentioned ’social’, this adjective relates to activities that you do with other people and are usually fun. "Now I live in London, I have a great social life."
Well, you never invite me out, Rob!
Anyway, that’s it for this edition of 6 Minute English. Before you rush off to fulfil your dream of being a mermaid, don’t forget to visit our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages, and of course our website!
Yes, and that’s at bbclearningenglish.com. Bye for now.

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